Fujiya Hotel

Hakone Miyashita is a classic Japanese classic hotel that has been running for over 140 years. The main building, the Western-style building, the “Hana Goten” and the “Forest Wing” occupy approximately 7,600 tsubo, and there are four accommodation buildings each with a unique atmosphere and cozy atmosphere. All rooms are Hakone and Miyanoshita. The natural hot spring of is drawn. If you take a walk through the building, you will be able to meet many anecdotes that have been left behind in the 140 years of experience at the Fujiya Hotel.


箱根宮下に140年以上続く日本のクラシックホテルの代表格です。約7,600坪の敷地内に有するのは「本館」「西洋館」「花御殿」「フォレスト・ウイング」、それぞれ味わい深い雰囲気と居心地のよさを兼ね備えた4つの宿泊棟があり、全室に箱根・宮ノ下の天然温泉がひかれています。館内を散策すれば、富士屋ホテル140年余の歩みのなかで残された たくさんの逸話にも出会えるでしょう。

〒250-0404 神奈川県足柄下郡箱根町宮ノ下359
TEL.0460-82-2211(受付時間 9:00~20:00)