Hakone Museum of Art

Okada Mokichi, the founder of the museum, initially purchased a villa here in Gora that belonged to the twentieth-century tycoon Fujiyama Raita in 1944. He then gradually acquired adjacent plots to form what is today the Shinsenkyō garden. The museum was a finishing touch to the ground, opening its doors to the general public in 1952. The key concept is the harmonious combination of natural beauty and artistic creation, and the museum showcases the human activities that express beauty. The attached gardens offer the opportunity to enjoy changing views through seasons; the moss garden with maples, the rock garden Sekiraku-en (partially open), and the Japanese bush clover along the Hagi-no-michi path.


創立者 岡田茂吉は、昭和19(1944)年以降、藤山雷太氏の別荘地をはじめ箱根強羅の土地を入手整備して「神仙郷」と命名し、最後に美術館を建設し、昭和27(1952)年に開館しました。狙い所は、自然の山水美と人工的庭園美とをよく調和させた庭園の中に美術館を計画したものです。苔とモミジで彩られた「苔庭」、巨岩の岩組みが見どころの「石楽園」(一部非公開)、「萩の道」(9月頃見頃)をはじめ、四季折々の景観の中にある美術館です。

〒250-0408 神奈川県箱根町強羅 1300